Monday, November 6, 2017

Diary Post #2

Hello, my sweetie pies!

How are you all today?

I'm just decimating a takeout box of shrimp lo mein.

Can we talk about how good this is?

I decided today I'd have my fortune cookie first and all it told me was that nothing stays the same in this life. How lame!

My sister's was better. It said that she could keep a secret.

She was so mad.

I might have enjoyed this too much.

So anyway, I call ahead to pick up the food. It's our favorite place but I'm coming out of a vacay where I've just stayed at home in PJs all day (much recommend if you can.) I wanted to end vacay strong so I tell the guy my name is Elie.

Sister goes in to pick up the food and says it's for Elie. The guy, who was the sweetest thing on the phone, is the sweetest thing in person. He was confused and asked, "Kellie?"

Sister, wanting to meet him halfway, mentions what we ordered.

The guy says oh and tells her that my new Chinese name is Kellie. I fucking love the new guy haha.

Anything fun happen in your days?

I am so refreshed and hoping to have a great day at work tomorrow.

Off to edit some side projects and to finish today's episode of Blood and Water.


Sunday, November 5, 2017

Diary Post #1

Just a small introduction, guys, just like I would on any normal blog post. I've been working with an idea of doing a diary type post on here. Just an everyday, what's going on kind of rant like when I first started this blog.

I'd been so eh about doing it because I know I stray from storytelling elements from time to time if I do rant. But it's one way to keep up with the blog and not let it fall into disrepair.

Is that word weird or what?


Without further ado, my actual diary post.

Hello, my tiny wonders!

How are you all doing?

I am having some minor wrist issues.

I'm still writing and updating Blood and Water for part of my NaNoWriMo word count. For November 4th, I actually did a record five chapters and actually quickly and sadly realized that carpal tunnel may be absent, but it is only dormant.

Super painful. I do not recommend.

I'm already working on several other projects as part of the Blood and Water thing. Mostly to create a story bible for when I go back and revise it. But now I'm wondering if one day of writing really does count for all the months I haven't been.

Yup, the laptop is still dead. I'm just borrowing the one I'm on for a short period of time.

And I definitely don't want to get a new macbook. I mean, I love them. They're great in comparison but I don't think anyone wants to shell out that much money just off the bat.

But anyway! No more ranting. I actually came here to tell you guys the two things I'm excited about.

One is this nun horror short that I cannot, for the life of me, watch in peace.

Go. I dare ya.

FYI, if you have the iPhone 7 or greater, best action is with the buds in. Because let me tell you. Best. Sound. Ever.

But I'm such a crybaby.

Two, I wanted to show you guys this. Look at this.

This is my BFF.

Oi. Does anyone else's BFF do these things?

Anyway, the website she's talking about is Geeks Who Seek, and if you love living vicariously through geeks who travel, you're going to love their blogs. Because I will make them tell us all their secrets, and make them take ALL the pictures.

Now I'm going to brave that nun horror short and rest my wrist. See you in the next blog.


Thursday, November 2, 2017

Blood and Water

Hello my darlings!

How have you all been?

I've been busy! I promise there's a diary post coming up soon, but I keep writing this one and forgetting to publish it.

One of my many projects since I went silent on Twitter is Blood and Water, a YA werewolf story about an aspiring investigative reporter and the drummer of his favorite band, both sons of warring families.

I am super excited for this project for several reasons.

One, I FINALLY threw out Ms. Perfectionist Can't-Publish-This and post (almost) nightly on Wattpad.

Two, Robbie's story was one of my first projects. Like ever.

I am so excited that instead of being a side character, like he was in his first existence, he's actually a main character.

I know. Writers are weird.

Anyway! Despite already starting, and already posting, I'll be doing my NaNoWriMo count there. Just thought I'd drop by, mention it, and share my favorite part of the story so far.

I'm trying to post a chapter at night. As usual, I am pantsing it. It is a first draft, but I am digging the new writing style.

See you guys on WP.

High school freshmen Robbie Melo determined to work his way out of Small Town, USA is caught in a supernatural turf war when the boy he's interested in lures him into the world of mosh pits, shrieked lyrics, and bloodthirsty werewolves

Favorite excerpt:
I looked at the options in the row. All pretty new cars. Sleek, shiny, mostly paupe, white, and black. With one sexy exception. Some sports car in a matte black. And right beside it probably a scholarshp child's last resort to get to school. A lime green trash can, relic of probably my mother's teenage years.
"So which one is it?" I asked as we crossed the last line.
Jesse flat out threw his keys, school lanyard and everything, at the lime bug.
"Beep beep," the band harmonized, as if they were unlocking the car.
"Uh...." I stood at the back of the bug.
If you wanna keep up with Robbie and Madison WA's rock band P.W., don't read too fast. Blood and Water is on its way to crack levels of Romeo and Juliet. Just slowly. Nightly if this computer I'm at stops dying half hour after I disconnect it from the charge.

And P.S. I am working on writing posts and putting them on a schedule. More information to come.